Retained &

Contingent Search clients

Do you wonder why your job posting for an open position is not generating good candidates or any candidates?

Expanded Talent Search

Only a small fraction of the workforce ever looks at job boards so you are missing out on the majority of potential hires. Finding candidates is a tedious, difficult and time consuming task. It takes years to develop a network of good contacts in specific industries and job functions.

Recruitment Process


After a complete understanding of your needs and opportunity, we will reach out to 200-300 potential candidates depending on the job position. Some or all may have C-Store backgrounds and experience depending on the job requirements. 


Some of these people might have interest but most will not. From these contacts we will gain more candidates that we will contact and this gives us a small pool to interview for you. 


After a selection process, we will only present candidates who are a very strong cultural fit, match with the requirements you give us, are motivated by something other than money, and are prepared to accept within the salary range you are offering.  


We can then manage the interview schedule, offer, negotiation, relocation (if needed), and background and reference checks, so that your time is minimized in the process.


Tailored Solutions for Your Recruitment Needs

Would you like salary information for a position you need to fill? Would you like to know what market availability looks like for someone you need to replace? 

Just ask. Do you need us to manage the entire process including job offer, background checks, references, and relocation when necessary or just one part.  We are in the market every day and can help.

Commitment to Your Success and Financial Peace of Mind

Worried about paying a recruiter fee for help with a new hire? We stand behind our candidates. Since starting our business in 2008, we have had less than 1% of our placements leave before the guarantee period ended. When this did happen, we replaced them quickly and for free.

Our searches are Retained or Contingent with most being Contingent. With a Contingent Search you don’t owe us anything until the candidate has accepted the offer and starts working. Sometimes a search may require immediate and full attention as well as being confidential and this may be better suited for a Retained Search.